Alegria Avenue – Sierra Madre’s Crazy Halloween Street!

Well……………it’s that time of the year again.  My family and I live on a Street called Alegria Avenue just off Balwdin north of downtown.  Also known as ‘The Halloween Street”.  Each year we get about 8-10k visitors on our street.  No kidding.  Really.  It is such an event, the city needs to get involved.  The police set up blockades at the ends of the street and set up boom lights as well.  They also have police on foot patrol.  It’s totally safe and kids can wander around without threat of cars.  We give out about 4500 pieces of candy.  It truly is insane.  The street is so packed and 99% of all the visitors are dressed up.   Even the ones that aren’t trick or treating dress up.  This tradition started years ago and it seems as if it gets a bit bigger every year.  My wife remembers as a kid coming to Alegria to get candy and see the decor.  In fact, it is the very reason why we moved to this street.  All because of  Halloween.  The kids love it and our home is open to any friends or family that want to stop by.  We decorated our house for two days this past weekend and I still have a half days work on Saturday in order to get ready.  Come visit.  You won’t be disappointed.


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For the past nine years, I have lived in Sierra Madre, raising two girls and a thriving small business with my beautiful wife. Over those years, I have learned that anything worth doing is a challenge, so I got comfortable with rolling up my sleeves. The Real Estate market has transformed drastically over the last five years. While other career realtors were leaving the industry, I doubled down, working with the award-winning Dilsaver Group to navigate the changing landscape. Working through those difficult times bolstered my ability to problem-solve, and to find dynamic new ways to reach buyers. * At the end of the day, Real Estate is the business of Homes. What makes a house a home is different for everyone. For me it’s a place to get away from life and be with family. It’s a big backyard and spending weekends puttering around it, feeling the sun on my face. Every home is full of stories. Understanding that is paramount to finding the right buyer. Our homes are the witnesses to first steps, quiet victories, old friends, They are where we become families and become ourselves. Selling your home is the beginning of a new chapter. I look forward to helping you get started.


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